Our History

Started in 2010 by two brothers Travis and Chad Robison, Nixon Electric can trace it's family connection to the electrical trade to the year 1896.  It was in this year their great-great-grandfather received his electrical engineering degree from Washington State College.  His son Jerry Nixon started what would become Nixon Electric in Spokane, Washington.  As a child his grandson, Craig Robison, would wind electrical motors in the alleyway behind the store.  Craig would go on to become an electrical supervisor and co-own George & Son's Electric.  On his retirement his two sons created Nixon Electric Corporation to continue the family tradition of bringing the best in electrical construction.


George Nixon

George Nixon began working at the beginning of the electrical industry.  He rode his bicycle from small town to town installing small power generators running off of nearby creeks or waterways.  


Store Front.jpg

Nixon Electric in Spokane

Jerry Nixon and his wife Ercel in front of their storefront in Washington.



Always innovating and tinkering with ideas Jerry built this globe with a rotating replica of the Mir satellite.  His model displayed a real time representation of the satellite's location as it orbited the earth.